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Policy of Integrated Management

MIP Engenharia, a company specialized in  services of engineering , supplies, construction and industrial electromechanical erection, based in in Belo Horizonte and, acting throughout the national territory, has Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Policy as its Policy: 

Maintain a management system that guarantees adequate quality adequate to yor needs, compliance with requirements and legislation  applicable and other  requirements related to occupational health, safety and the environment. 


Manage and continuously its processes, to increase the company’s operational performance, promote environmental protection by encouraging the use of renewable resources, and preventing pollution, acting to eliminate hazards and reduce risks, ensuring a safe and  healthy work that contributes to prevent injuries and damage to worker ‘ s health. 


Consult, promote participation, train and  raise  awareness  of their development, commitment to results and responsibility for occupational health and safety, as well as protection of the environment. 

The Integrated Management Policy is implemented in all MIP Engenharia projects, covering partners, suppliers and service providers. 

Top Management also established its Corporate Guidelines for Safety, Environment and Occupational Health, which lead to standards of continuous improvement, capable of providing significant changes in organizational, behavioral and cultural aspects in HSE. 



  1. Commit to complying with legislation and other requirements applicable to the areas of safety, health and environment in work processes;


  1. Train yor employees at all hierarchical levels, with the objective to continuously improve its activities, in accordance with the Integrated Management Policy, including, when applicable, contractors and suppliers;


  1. Maintain a communication system with employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the neighboring community, when applicable,  with regard to SMS;


  1. Develop the practice of risk perception at all levels, in favor of safe and healthy work;


  1. Identify hazards and environmental aspects and continuously assess risks and impacts continuously in all activities, adopting immediate measures capable of eliminating them;


  1. Startor carry out activities only after completing all procedures and established safety, environment and health  standards; 


  1. Ensure the refusal to perform work that presents serious risk and imminent  accident, incident,  illness or damage to the environment; 


  1. Predict emergency situations and face them quickly and effectively, aiming at the maximum reduction of their defects;


  1. Communicate, record, investigate and analyze incidents in order to identify the causes, in order to avoid its  repetition and/or ensure the minimization of its effects;


  1. Periodically evaluate the Integrated Management System.