319 VALE

Total contract for the execution of the installation services of the MO-137K-02 Mill, electromechanical assembly with supply of supply of all materials and equipment of the system, located in the region of Plants 5 and 6, located in the Tubarão unit. Vitória / ES.


Supply of goods and services related to the technical verification of the original executive design, basic design consistency analysis, design of the executive design, Civil Construction, Electromechanical Assembly, Commissioning (Preservation, Conditioning, Testing, Preoperation Support, Departure and Operation Assistance) of the U-5135 (Gaseous Fuel System), U-5136 (Compressed Air Service and Instrument System) and SE-5606 Substation Units,…

316 VALE

Provision of electromechanical maintenance services in general, in all mining equipment and facilities in the mine and power plant areas of the S11D Eliezer Batista mining complex, as also described in Annex III. Canaã dos Carajás / PA, through the assignment of labor (the “SERVICES”). Canaã dos Carajás / PA.

315 VALE

Total run for the execution of civil and electrical works for the implantation of non-pumped VFF II pumping, implementation of the primary vibration system of the primary estate of Aboboras II and installation of the vazão meter, with material supply. Total amount of money for the execution of civil and montagem electrical works for the…

314 VALE

Total contract for the revitalization of the port – area lv1 fire protection and fire fighting system, under a unit price regime to be executed at the Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal (TMPM), at Vale’s facilities, located in São Luís, Maranhão. São Luís no Maranhão.