In the area of Social Responsibility, MIP Engenharia essentially follows two basic premises:

  To rigorously meet all legislations, thus not using services from companies that may harbor exploitation tactics or child labor;
– Not allowing the use of materials or raw materials derived from illegal plundering of natural resources, such as wood and forestry by-products, among others.

MIP Engenharia encourages the practice of social responsibility in acts such as:
– Staff volunteer work for the benefit of underprivileged communities inhabiting the area surrounding its enterprises;
– The participation of suppliers and partners in social and cultural projects;
– As well as offering talks on quality, health, safety, and the environment, for all its working staff.

Association of MIP Engenharia Collaborators – ACME
Founded in April 6, 2005, ACME is a civil non-profit entity which conducts actions in the area surrounding MIP’s Headquarters, namely the impoverished community of Vila Paraíso. It is a project managed by MIP’s staff, who act as volunteers in cultural and social projects.

Actions already undertaken by ACME:
– Delivery of School Supplies;
– Celebration of Childrens Day;
– Distribution of Christmas gifts;
– Live the Village Project;
– Delivery of Wheelchair;
– Winter clothing campaign;
– Computer Donation;
– Sponsorship of school transport of children in the village;
– Sponsorship of Soccer team, among others.

MIP Engenharia uses tax incentive programs to carry out sponsorships. Check below the list of some of the companies benefited through the Tax Incentive Laws:

– Missionary Community of Villaregia – Discover;
– Divine Providence System (Cidade dos Meninos São Vicente);
– AMR – Associação Mineira de Reabilitação – Inclusive Health;
– São Francisco Xavier Foundation – Márcio Cunha Hospital;
– ASSOPOC – Association for the Protection of the Poor and the Needy Crucilândia;
– Hospital of the Cancer of Barretos;
– ADAV – Milton Campos Association for development and assistance to the vocation of well-endowed;
– CEMEAR – Mineiro de Reabilitação Auditiva;
– Hospital da Baleia;
– Gil Nogueira Institute – Reading is Living;
– Minas Tennis Club, among others.