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Social responsability

In the area of Social Responsibility, MIP Engenharia follows two basic premises:

Sponsorships and Donations

MIP Engenharia uses tax incentive programs to carry out sponsorships. Check below the list of some of the companies benefited by the Tax Incentive Laws:

  • Vilaregia Missionary Community / Divina Providência System (Cidade dos Meninos São Vicente) / AMR – Minas Gerais Rehabilitation Association – Inclusive Health / São Francisco Xavier Foundation – Márcio Cunha Hospital / ASSOPOC – Association for the Protection of the Poor and Needy Crucilândia / Hospital do Câncer de Barretos / ADAV – Milton Campos Association for development and assistance to the gifted vocation / CEMEAR – Minas Gerais Center for Hearing Rehabilitation / Hospital da Baleia / Instituto Gil Nogueira – Ler é Viver / Minas Tênis Clube, among others.

With regard to donations, MIP Engenharia contributes monthly with the amount equivalent to the amount collected with the contributions of ACME members, to be transferred monthly to ACME.

In addition to the donation to ACME, MIP Engenharia also makes some donations to entities located in the locations where it operates. Check out some of the donations made in 2021 and 2022 below:

  • Vila Sanção Community Association – Marabá/PA – January 2021 – 01 industrial sewing machine;
    APA do Gelado School – Parauapebas/PA – March 2021 – 16 chairs, 04 tables and 20 children’s books;
  • Hospital Nossa Senhora das Dores – Itabira/MG – April 2021 – 200 liters of 70% liquid alcohol, 5000 N95 masks and 5000 triple layer surgical masks;
  • Fernando Felix de Souza Municipal School – Ouro Branco/MG – October 2022 – 01 basket and basketball kit, 2000 colored balls and 04 18l cans of paint.


Strictly complies with the legislation and, therefore, does not allow the contracting of services from companies that use exploitative or child labor; – It does not allow the use of materials and inputs from the illegal exploitation of natural resources, such as wood and forestry or non-timber products, among others.


MIP Engenharia encourages social responsibility practices.

Social Responsibility Practices:

Volunteer work by employees for the benefit of needy communities that inhabit areas surrounding their projects;

The participation of suppliers and partners in social and cultural projects; – It offers lectures on quality, safety, health and the environment for its employees.

MIP Engenharia Collaborators Association (ACME)

Founded on April 6, 2005, ACME is a non-profit civil entity that carries out actions in the areas surrounding the headquarters of MIP Engenharia, especially with the poor community of Vila Paraíso. This is a project managed by MIP employees, who act as volunteers in social and cultural projects.

Actions already carried out by ACME:

. Delivery of School Supplies;

. Children’s Day Commemoration Party;

. Distribution of Christmas gifts;

. Viva a Vila Project;

. Wheelchair Delivery;

. Winter clothing campaign;

. Donation of Computers;

. Sponsorship of school transport for children in the village;

. Football team sponsorship, among others.