For an operation that involves industrial assembly, the crane is an important competitive differential in the value chain that the company offers to customers. 

MIP has a fleet of cranes of various sizes, constantly updated and with equipment that provide agility and safety to serve large works. 



At the forefront of Heavy Industrial Erection, MIP Engenharia replaced in its works, the old scaffolding with aerial platforms that offer much more safety, precision and agility in the performance of services. 

The investment in aerial platforms began more than ten years ago, and today MIP Engenharia is one of the companies in the sector with the largest park of this type of equipment. 

The platform, the future of engineering works in the country, is a constant feature of MIP Engenharia’s services. 



The telescopic handler, a piece of equipment applied in the movement and raising of small loads in a vertical and horizontal fashion is another equipment used in services provided by MIP Engenharia. 

The propriety models at MIP may reach up to 16 meters in height and can withstand loads of up to 4,500 kg. 



The works of MIP Engenharia are carried out within a strict schedule. Strategic for operations, trucks and trailers have the function of giving speed and agility to the execution logistics. 

Therefore, MIP Engenharia has a fleet of 28 trucks and trailers, which allows greater dynamism in the transport and distribution of materials from the warehouse to the work. 


For contact on equipment purchase and sale, please contact Mr. Jair Tavares, in the MIP maintenance sector, by calling +55 (31) 3036-5485.